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A Few More Shots of Bakers ’11

Here are just a few more shots of the Velo Works - Spokes, Etc. Race Team out at the 2011 Leesburg Bakers Dozen race from April 9th.. John and Mike take a breather after completing a lap Lots of bikes waiting to be ridden at the Spokes, Etc. Camp Matt coming in to transition after a lap Mike takes off [...]

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Baker’s Dozen 2011

Endurance mountain bike races are tests of fitness, grit and determination. This year's Leesburg Baker's Dozen had an added challenge thrown in as it rained the entire day before, turning the trail into muddy mess in addition to the 1.25 mile addition to last year's course, making the lap now just over 9 miles long. And while racers ended up [...]

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Bakerskill and Batten Dozen

Err...wait, make that Baker's Dozen and Battenkill. Oops. Two big races.  Lots of dirt. One weekend. Game on. This upcoming weekend will see the better part of the VeloWorks-Spokes, Etc. Race Team out on two wheels on the trails and on the road, with the team testing their endurance at the 5th Annual Leesburg Baker's Dozen Mountain Bike Race and [...]

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