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Patapsco 100

The inaugural Patapsco 100 p/b Adventures for the Cure was billed as “The most challenging Ultra Endurance Mountain Bike Race on the planet. Ok so we can’t be positive that’s true but we are pretty sure you will agree with us on July 8 (the day after the race).”

16,000 feet of climbing in three laps in the beautiful Patapsco Valley State Park in Maryland.

Never one to shy away from a challenging race, the team signed up Chris Lane for the 100 Mile, John Kromis and Tom Howe for the 66 Mile Male Duo, and Kathryn Hansen and Kathleen Sheehan for the 66 Mile Female Duo.

The 100 Mile riders took off at 6:00a with a nice neutral rolling start.

Chris Lane completed his first lap in just over 4 hours and was feeling great heading into his second lap.

The 66 Mile Duo Teams took off at 6:30a with a nice neutral rolling start as well.

Tom (along with a lot of riders on the day) missed a lefthand turn after the first section of single track at the start. Having to push the pace much harder than he wanted to, eventually he caught back up with Kathryn and then with both John and Kathleen at the first aid station.

The day was hot. The day was long. The day wore on.

With the Duo Teams linked back up, they waved to Chris as he was coming back through the aid station on his way to complete his first lap.

To mix things up a bit, Kathleen and Tom were now ridding together along with Kathryn and John with their plan to meet back at the aid station.

Things were going smoothly until Kathleen broke her chain and her rear derailleur on a quick step up on one of the shorter climbs. Unable to convert her to a SS, Kathleen‘s race was done.

By this point, John was feeling the effects of the heat and also had to call his race.

Leaving John and Kathleen at the aid station on the way back to the finish of lap 1, Kathryn and Tom carried on to complete their lap.

Those last remaining miles of the lap were brutal with three major single track climbs and the road climb back up to the start.

Crossing the line at the end of their first lap, they were glad they didn’t have to carry on.

When Chris completed his second lap just under the 10 hour mark, he knew his day was done. He called his race.

Only about 10 out of 100 riders finished the full 100 mile race. It truly lived up to its billing as a hard and an epic race.

Though none of our riders finished, it didn’t dampen their spirits as they were all smiles at the end. But then again, New Belgium Brewing may have had something to do with that.

We have a feeling that they’ll be back for next year.

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