Wednesdays at Wakefield Race #3

//Wednesdays at Wakefield Race #3

Wednesdays at Wakefield Race #3

With the heat index in the high 90’s, the  team raced the third race of the 2013 W@W Series.

John Kromis raced SS and finished in 7th place.

Noah Flaxman took 1st place with a podium finish racing Junior Male 15-16.

Chris Dell raced Expert Male and finished in 8th place. Chris suffered through the heat and the race after losing his water bottle at the start.

Kathryn Hansen raced Expert Female and had her race cut short on the first lap when her front wheel failed at the weld and left her in a tumbled heap with a taco’d wheel. Luckily, Kat was able to walk away relatively unscathed.

Tom Howe raced Sport Male and finished in 14th place.

The best part of the evening was retiring to Kilroy’s for some apres-mtb frosty beverages and tasty appetizers.

Congratulations to Noah for his podium finish!

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