USA Cycling XC MTB Nationals

//USA Cycling XC MTB Nationals

USA Cycling XC MTB Nationals

On Thursday July 18, 2013, Mary, Chris D, and Marco represented the team at the USA Cycling XC Mountain Bike National Championships at Bear Creek Mountain Resort, PA.  200+ cross country CAT3 and CAT2 MTBikers ventured out in the extreme heat to race a technical, rocky, and challenging course.

Mary Sprouse Dobroth was the first to race at 9:00 am in her CAT3 age group. Mary raced a consistent and strong lap finishing in 3rd place and getting her a bronze medal.

Chris Dobroth and Marco Demartin raced their respective CAT2 age groups at 11:30 am.  Chris had a great start sprinting to the front of the group.  He rode a super fast first lap keeping up with the top 3 racers in his age group.  Unfortunately, half way through the second lap, at the beginning of the rocky downhill, he suffered a loss of pressure in his rear tire that he wasn’t able to fix.  Despite the mechanical problem, Chris finished his Nationals race experience with a 9th place after running half of the second lap and getting some nice blisters.

Marco was able to hold on to the head of the race from the beginning.  He raced most of the first lap in second place but was unable to hold Tony from passing him on the second lap.  His second lap was all about maintaining his position and finishing the race strong.  Marco finished 3rd place getting the bronze medal in his age group.

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