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Fair Hill Fifty Endurance Race

Saturday was the Fair Hill Classic p/b Delaware Trail Spinners at Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area. Making the early morning trek up from the DC/Baltimore area for the 8am Fair Hill Fifty Endurance Race start were John Kromis, Tom Howe, Jeff Niner, Kathleen Sheehan, and Chris Lane. The Fair Hill Fifty course consists of two laps of tight, twisty, [...]

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Hotcycle Race Report

Saturday was the Hotcycle p/b Go Time Racing at the Freedom Center near Lucketts, VA. The course consists of approximately 5.5 miles of pretty much constant up and down single track with about 600 feet climbing with 2 "wet" stream crossings, lakeside and creekside trails, and several spots to catch a little air per lap. Chris Dobroth kitted up to [...]

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Schaeffer Farm Speedster

Sunday was the Schaffer Farm Speedster p/b Race Works. The Schaffer Farm Speedster offered racers their choice of a 4 Hour Endurance Race or a more traditional XC format. The trails were in great shape as the course was run clockwise including the new whoops trail measuring in at right around 9.7 miles per lap of fast flowing single track [...]

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Wakefield Trail Work Day

Sunday was a Wakefield Park Trail Work Day organized by the MORE Wakefield Park Trail Liaison Tom Howe. A couple of our teammates contributed as part of the 10+ volunteers who were able to get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time while logging almost 40 man hours of volunteer labor. The volunteers worked on the power station [...]

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