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2014 Bakers Dozen

Saturday was the 2014 Leesburg Baker's Dozen p/b Go Time Racing at Rockland Farm just outside of Leesburg, VA. Racing for Wicked Wash Racing were: Chris Doborth, Marco Demartin, Kathryn Hansen - 3 Person Co-Ed Chris Dell, Noah Flaxman, Mary Dobroth - 3 Person Co-Ed Jeff Niner, John Kromis, Jen Person - 3 Person Co-Ed Tom Howe, Colin Blanchard, Chris [...]

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2014 AFC Sugar Hill XC

Sunday was the AFC Sugar Hill XC p/b Adventures for the Cure which is Race #2 of the 2014 Patapsco Valley MTB Series. John Kromis made the last minute decision to drive up for the race and raced Sport Masters 40+ for a top 10 finish taking 10th place racing against a highly contested and packed field of upwards of [...]

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2014 Spring Thaw Race #3

Saturday was the REV3Adventure Spring Thaw Race #3 - The Greens at Willowsford. Wicked Wash Racing raced their way to podium finishes with AJ Kray finishing 1st place Cat 2 racing Gentleman 30-39, Mary Dobroth finishing 2rd place racing Cat 2 Ladies 30-39, and Chris Dobroth finished 3rd place Cat 1 racing Gentleman 29 and Under edging out the 4th [...]

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