2014 Bakers Dozen

//2014 Bakers Dozen

2014 Bakers Dozen

Saturday was the 2014 Leesburg Baker’s Dozen p/b Go Time Racing at Rockland Farm just outside of Leesburg, VA.

Racing for Wicked Wash Racing were:

The course alternates directions every year and this year our pit was right before the finish line. The race would start heading towards the back of the farm and finish with the front pines section.

The trails at Rockland Farm are the perfect mix of fast and flowing single track with enough rock features, log overs, log ramps, and technical bits sprinkled throughout the course to keep you on your toes. Momentum is your friend and the savvy rider is well rewarded for riding the right lines.

Our absolute favorite part is riding the single track sections through the pines. Riding there, you feel like a little kid again watching Return of Jedi for the first time, as you reenact the speeder bike chase scenes as Luke or Leia through the forests on the moon of Endor.

After the usual chaos of the mass start, it was a perfect Spring day and the trails were running super fast under idyllic conditions that would last all day long and into the night.

Throughout the day, there was a little something for everyone with a Junior’s race in the morning; a Kid’s race in the afternoon; a moon bounce for the kids; and an awesome food truck with great chicken, rice and beans, and chili dogs!

As the day turned into night, the bonfire was light, the libations started to flow for those that were finished, the bluegrass music kicked off, the pizza started to arrive by the pickup load on the hour, and the riders turned into streaks of white and red lights as they wrapped up their final laps in the woods, across the pastures, and through the pines.

Our teammates rode for a combined total of 118 laps for 1062 miles for 93:11:09 (HH:MM:SS) culminating with two 3rd place podium finishes, two top 10s, and three top 20s against some of the fastest and toughest competition in each category.

Gracing the podium with a 3rd place finish in Solo Female with her strong performance was Laurie Johnson with 14 laps in 13:52:48 (HH:MM:SS). Laurie didn’t know she was going to be racing Solo until she arrived that morning as her partner was a late scratch with a case of bronchitis.

Carl Argote rode a personal best finishing just outside of the top 10 racing solo Male with 12 laps in 12:57:48 (HH:MM:SS) with a 11th place finish out of 67 registered riders.

Out of 27 registered 3 Person Co-Ed teams, WWR placed three teams in the top 10.

Finishing on the podium with 3rd place in 3 Person Co-Ed with a blisteringly fast 20 laps in 13:11:11 (HH:MM:SS) were Chris Dobroth, Marco Demartin, and Kathryn Hansen.

Chris Dell, Noah Flaxman, and Mary Dobroth finished in 6th place in 3 Person Co-Ed with 18 laps in 13:20:14 (HH:MM:SS).

Jeff Niner, John Kromis, and Jen Person finished in 9th place in 3 Person Co-Ed with 17 laps in 13:03:24 (HH:MM:SS).

Out of 48 registered 3 Person Male teams, WWR placed two teams in the top 20.

Tom Howe, Colin Blanchard, and Chris McGibbon finished in 15th place in 3 Person Male with 19 laps in 13:33:39 (HH:MM:SS) improving by one lap over their performance last year.

Andy Rodriguez, AJ Kray, and Adam Ward finished in 18th place in 3 Person Male with 18 laps in 13:12:05 (HH:MM:SS). Andy and Adam didn’t miss a beat as they took a little time off from running Wicked Wash to race XC with us.

We couldn’t have done it without our team mechanic, so here’s a huge shoutout to Jacob “Jake” Courtney who kept our rigs running flawlessly throughout the course of the day and late into the night.

We also couldn’t have done it without our team Mum, Jennifer. Carl’s Mum kept a watchful eye over all of the team throughout the day. Thanks to her for all of her help, support, and encouragement!

Thanks to Jeff‘s co-worker Rebecca who kept the big board up to date with everyone’s lap times and made sure each team was ready to go based on when their rider was expected to arrive with the precision of a Swiss clock.

Thanks to our teammates Tom Neumann and Scott Person for hanging out and providing logistical support and words of encouragement and support throughout the day.

Special thanks to Colin and i9 for for the demo wheels our teammates were able to ride and to all of our sponsors including Wicked Wash; ERMD; Optic Nerve for our sweet sunglasses; Specialized for our fast bikes; Spokes Etc for being our shop, for providing our team mechanic, and offering neutral support; and Crank Brothers.

Finally, as always, a huge thank you to Rockland Farm, the Brown Family, Go Time Racing, Plum Grove Cyclery, the countless volunteers, our friends, our teammates, and the local mountain bike community who make this race one of our absolute favorite races to race year in and year out.

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