2014 18 Hours Scouts Honor

//2014 18 Hours Scouts Honor

2014 18 Hours Scouts Honor

This weekend was the 18 Hours Scouts Honor p/b Richmond ASR (Adventure Sports and Racing) held on the great trails and single track at the Heart of Virginia Scout Reservation located near Maidens, VA just West of Richmond.

18 Hours Scouts Honor is a great race at an amazing venue which runs for 18 hours from 4p on Saturday until 10a Sunday morning. The promotors, sponsors, and volunteers are top notch which makes this event such a blast.

Wicked Wash Racing entered three teams racing 4 Person Mixed 18 Hours. Racing as “The Good Looking Ones” (Plate #421) were Chris Dobroth, Tom Howe, Jeff Niner, and Kat Hansen. Racing as the “The Fun Ones” (Plate #422) were Noah Flaxman, John Kromis, Laurie Johnson, and Chris McGibbon. Racing as the “The Cool Ones” (Plate #423) were Marco Demartin, AJ Kray, Carl Argote, and Mary Dobroth.

Back for our third straight year of racing the 18 Hours, the course was in fantastic shape and the weather forecast was perfect. RVA MORE had put in a lot of trail work hours and it showed with a bunch of new single track. To mix things up for this year, the course was to be run in the opposite direction.

Our race started out well with Chris and Marco both keeping the lead rider in sight as they hit the open field in 2nd and 3rd place with Noah not that far behind. The first lap finished with Chris turning a sub 39 minute lap, Marco a sub 41 minute lap, and Noah with a 43 minute lap leaving about 17 hours and 17 minutes of racing yet to come.

Our teammates took their turns racing through the rest of the afternoon, into the evening, through the dark of night, into the early morning fog before the sunrise, and on until the mid morning finish. What happened in between spanned the full gamut of emotions, suffering, misery, sleep depravation, recovery, and elation.

As a whole, the team only suffered a couple of major mechanicals as Tom dropped and mangled his chain on his second lap and Carl broke his rear derailleur on his 4th lap.

Throughout the night, the woods came alive with aliens, spooky music, and other ghostly distractions as the racers scanned the woods for the four rubber chickens which were hidden along the trail with a bounty on their heads to be paid out post breakfast.

As the race wore on, a strong and furious challenge was mounted by the Coqui Cyclery team (Plate #420) of Elizabeth Spencer, Jim McCullen, Ross Moorefield, and Eric Rudolph. After 21 laps, The Coqui Cyclery team found themselves sitting in 1st place with one lap to race with a 4 minute lead over “The Fun Ones”. John chased Elizabeth for 7 miles before finally catching her on the gravel road section and held on to secure the 1st place podium finish by a mere 80 seconds! What an amazing finish to an 18 Hour race!

“The Fun Ones” lived up to their name taking the 1st place podium finish with 22 laps in 17:24:11, the Coqui Cyclery team with the 2nd place podium finish with 22 laps in 17:25:31, “The Good Looking Ones” with the 3rd place podium finish with 21 laps in 17:16:01, and “The Cool Ones” with a 4th place finish with 21 laps in 17:37:51.

Huge shout out to Andy from Wicked Wash, Noah‘s Dad, and Carl’s family who collectively provided the moral support, the much needed encouragement, and made sure that we were on deck when when we needed to be. Andy worked an awesome grill and stood in as the team wrench.

As usual, the 18 Hours lived up to its billing as a tough, competitive, and fun race! It was great to meet and race against some new friends on the Coqui Cyclery team. And it was great to see a whole bunch of familiar faces out there racing the solo and the 4 person male races!

The team is already looking forward to racing next year!

Results: VORS 18/6 Hours Scouts Honor

Race Reports:

WOW!!! What a great way to finish our mountain bike season (for the most part). As many of our riders move onto cyclocross season we had a great weekend at the 18 Hours of Scouts Honor. The promoters and volunteers did an amazing job making it fun and challenging for 18 hours of racing. We made some new friends with the Coqui mountain bike team racing them throughout the night. It is amazing to race for 18 hours and finish 1 minute and 20 seconds in front of second place. I hope we have more opportunities to race with the Coqui team and all of the other teams that took part in the 18 Hours of Scouts Honor. If you have not had a chance to participate in this race I would highly recommend it. The promoters, volunteers, venue and atmosphere is wonderful. Looking forward to next year.


Pedal, pedal, pedal, shit I can’t breathe, pedal pedal pedal, ZZZZZZZ, pedal, pedal, pedal.

Chris McGibbon

I love this race, fast trails, good people, and racing at night. Did I mention racing at night? We showed up with the best looking team and had more fun than anyone else. This year no one blasted into the pits yelling about 8mm allen wrenches. In fact the most disturbing thing to happen was when McGibbon rode by with the sun attached to the front of his bike… weird to think the sun was coming up at 2am. Big shout out to Tom for picking up the last lap and holding our 3rd place spot (the guy that was supposed to go out for the last lap could not get caffeinated enough to find his bike). See everyone next year!

Chris Dobroth

What a fun race! Amazing trail system and the perfect venue to host an 18 hour race. I had a frustrating first two laps with a major mechanical on my second lap. I lost my Optic Nerve glasses on my second lap as well while trying to fix the mechanical. My last four laps were solid laps. I was able to finish strong and had my second fastest lap of the race coming on my sixth and final lap. The Sierra Nevada beer truck, the warm post race shower, and the post race breakfast were definitely some of the top highlights of the weekend. Finally, a huge thank you to the good soul who found my Optic Nerve glasses and returned them to the start/finish just after sunrise!

Tom Howe

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