2014 Hyattsville CX

//2014 Hyattsville CX

2014 Hyattsville CX

Sunday was the 2014 Hyattsville CX. The second race of the Super8 series went down on the ballfields in Hyattsvile MD. On a course so twisted that you could see your own rear wheel in most of the corners! AJ and Andy represented in the 4/5 race sliding around the dew-covered grass, the Bees of Hyattsville returned for a second straight year adding a little motivation to the dreaded woods section. Both avoided the stings and had solid races finishing 35th and 10th respectively.

The discovery of the apiary closed the wooded section for the next two races, leaving Mary with extra time in the spaghetti. She stayed strong in the women’s 4 race, displaying her cyclocross prowess by confidently navigating the barriers, bacon hand up firmly clamped in her mouth. She finished in a small group, grabbing 16th place in a growing women’s field.

Noah lined up under rumors that the woods were back “in-play”. The race director rerouted the woods piece, changing single track into a quad-busting run up. Since not everyone would have a chance to check it out before the race, the juniors were kept off the new section and got to share the discovery of the run up together. That builds camaraderie right? Noah continues to improve, and despite getting caught in No-Mans-Land kept the pedals turning for his first top 10 result of the season!

Women’s 3/4 took off with yet another big women’s field. Despite being issued the bib number of upside down 999 (see how I avoided typing that there?) Kat straightened out the turns and laid down the watts finishing 13th…. wait? seriously? first the triple upside-down 9s and then a 13th finishing place? Weird number stuff aside, its a great result in a tough race!

For the last Wicked race of the day, Chris took his front row call up in the Killer-B race. Chris had a much better start this week which was quickly neutralized by a bizarre one-man yard sale on the second turn. And that was just the beginning to a race that started exciting and stayed there. At the end he finished in 8th place and only slightly dizzy from all that turning.

Results: Hyattsville CX – 10/05/2014

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