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Rockburn Cross

I don’t know if you all noticed, but it is COLD out there. Seemed like a good evening to delay putting the bike on the trainer and get this race report up. Here goes!

Last weekend marked the 8th race of the Super8 series. Adventures for the Cure always puts on a great event, and Rockburn Cross 2014 was no exception! Wicked Wash Racing was back to a full roster on the start line and had racers in most of the races.

Adam and AJ hit the early race. Always a tough job to burn in the lines and burn off the dew (or was it frost?). Both rode clean and finished well. As soon as they crossed the line, they gave a few tips to Andy who was up for the next race.

Andy has been killing it this season. Rockburn’s technical descents played to Andy’s smooth riding style and he made it into 20th in the 3/4/5 34+ race.

Mary got distracted drinking her coffee and trying to stay warm nearly missing her start! She hit the line just in time for the start and shivered her way around the course.

Kat was preregistered but after her gnarly crash at the dual slalom race was unsure of her ability to race. If there’s any question as to how tough she is, she crushed it out there in the women’s 3/4! Then went on to ride the pump track. Her points from today’s race put her inside the top 20 for the series!

Noah went out for the hotly contested U19 race. He got a much deserved break from mechanical issues and after a super clean start rallyed for 8th place. Another job well done, the points from Rockburn put him in 10th for the series.

Chris raced the 3/4 again. Adam loaned him his insanely fast Foundry disc bike which he did some damage with. 3rd place, one of his best finishes of the season. The 3/4 series is tight at the top, Chris is hanging on to 6th! “We need more cowbell!”

Then there was the premier race of the day, and we’re not talking about the crazy fast A race. Nope. After the A-race was done, 10 tandems lined up as a testament to the mental instability of cross racers. Chris and Mary made the only husband and wife team out there. And with knobby tires squeezed onto their tandem defied physics and logic on the most technical cross course of the season.

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