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Tidewater Challenge 2015

It was a perfect weekend at the Tidewater Challenge. Representing Wicked Wash Racing and fueled by their custom-blended Infinit nutrition, John and Marco raced the 5hrs open duo and took 2nd place with 17 laps, once more behind Adolfo and Keith. On Sunday, John raced the XC finishing in the top 10. Congrats to our youngest stars in the making, [...]

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Schooley Mill Cross 2015

Schooley Mill race directors ordered up some great weather after putting together a killer course. The cyclocross usual, “ we’ll take sunny sky with mild temperatures, perfect fall foliage, hold the rain, thanks” then almost as an afterthought “can we get an extra helping of wind? these folks have skin suits they’re probably ready to zip up!”. Schooley Mill is [...]

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Charm City Cross‬ 2015

Speaking of phenomenal cyclocross action in the Mid-Atlantic. This year Charm City was a UCI C2 race drawing cyclocrossers from all around. Everyone knows that cyclocross barriers are under 16”…. well except when they’re not. If the “barrier” in questions is a natural feature the rules do not seem to apply. Enter the quad damaging landscaping that surrounds the tree [...]

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Hyattsville Cyclocross 2015

Sunday Wicked Wash Racing lined up for the team's first cyclocross race of the season. Mother Nature had done her best to turn a grass crit into a Belgian classic. The course skirted the ball fields, twisting through the grass, then racers slogged through a ridable muddy drag at the half way mark, with only a short reprieve before dropping [...]

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