Hyattsville Cyclocross 2015

//Hyattsville Cyclocross 2015

Hyattsville Cyclocross 2015

Sunday Wicked Wash Racing lined up for the team’s first cyclocross race of the season. Mother Nature had done her best to turn a grass crit into a Belgian classic. The course skirted the ball fields, twisting through the grass, then racers slogged through a ridable muddy drag at the half way mark, with only a short reprieve before dropping into the wooded single track. A quick run up and a short gravel descent before the mud pit that may still hold cycling shoes. Stretching nearly a quarter of a mile, this muddy section appeared ridable only in the early laps of the 8am race. By the middle of the day it was ankle deep and quad destroying. By the end of the day it was the consistency of pottery clay and without mercy.

The team had racers in six races: Phil in the 4/5, Mary and Maureen in the women’s 4, Andy in 3/4/5 age group, Luke in the junior race, Noah in the Killer Bs and Chris raced Elite Men. Phil and Maureen were probably barely warmed up at the end of their race coming off of their SM100 training (and impressive performances). Noah brought some collegiate mountain bike fitness and was wishing for more time as he spent the day working through traffic. As usual Mary, Chris and Andy brought their cheering and cyclocross skills.

The food trucks and the cheering got in the way of photography, so we’re on the edge of our seats waiting for the local race photographers to post some more pictures. In the meantime we’ll try and get a few posted up here! Please link us if you’ve got pictures of our team from the weekend.

Big shout out to Tom Neuman for his top notch heckling: “Don’t worry, I have a burrito!”

See everyone next week!

Bruce Buckley pictures of the race:

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