2015 South Germantown Cyclocross

//2015 South Germantown Cyclocross

2015 South Germantown Cyclocross

Big things are happening over in South Germantown, Schaeffer Farms offers quite the doorway to the Moco Trails and the South Germantown pump track and jump line offer the opportunity to put some daylight under your tires. The SGCX was hosted right next to the pump track, with the course ripping through the field before diving into the woods and back around to do it again. Proclaiming “one of the fastest courses in the area” the tape was carefully strung out. What happens when a dual slalom mountain biker conspires with a local elite road racer and some junior riders to design a course? A full throttle cyclocross course!!

This course happens to be in Mary and Chris’ backyard, and they were stoked to go fast so close to home. Mary put those industry nine wheels to work shredding the corners, hopping the logs and hammering the straights to her best finish so far! Chris was excited about a morning race and battled his way to 3rd place in the men’s 1/2/3 elite. What do you do with a course that fun? Race a second race! Chris doubled up for a 3rd place in the mens 3/4 that afternoon, ouch.

Shout out to Tom Neuman, local Elite Heckler who took an off day from heckling in order to power his way to a 5th place in the SS raceRosava Itegroпорно видео российских звёздпродвижение сайтаspell check website freeстол купить недорогоbest binary option brokermaria legsкредит 2000000 рублей50000 в кредитсудебные решения по кредитамкредит в воронежеброкерская помощь в получении кредитавзять кредит 150000дебет 62 кредит 51коллекторское агентство кредит экспресскредит с 19 лет мужчинамукраина новости харьков сегодняinvesting in binary options24option a scambinaryneobrutбраслеты авторские работыtorque pro руссифицированный для андроидmeta4 forexmfx broker отзывы о компанииins forex

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