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6hrs Cranky Monkey at Schaeffer’s farm

Laurie and Marco represented the Wicked Wash Team at the 2016 6hrs Cranky Monkey at Schaeffer’s farm.  The day was perfect and the competition kept Marco and Laurie fighting hard to the from the first to the last lap. Fueled by their Infinit custom the raced to 1st place Duo Coed and 2nd overall.стеклянные кастрюли для газовых плитопт посуда

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REV3Adventure Shenaduro 6 and 9 hrs

There was one race that didn’t get cancelled in the first weekend of May: the first edition of the REV3Adventure Shenaduro 6/9 hrs race. Overcoming the mud fest conditions, Christine took 3rd place solo female with 5 laps, while Kathryn, Jeff, and AJ took first place 3 Person Coed. Great way to represent Wicked Wash Racing in Wicked Wash worthy conditions! [...]

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