2015 CX Season

/2015 CX Season

2015 South Germantown Cyclocross

Big things are happening over in South Germantown, Schaeffer Farms offers quite the doorway to the Moco Trails and the South Germantown pump track and jump line offer the opportunity to put some daylight under your tires. The SGCX was hosted right next to the pump track, with the course ripping through the field before diving into the woods and [...]

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2015 Tacchino Cyclocross

Tacchino is usually a muddy race, this year mother nature threatened to make history repeat itself. At the last minute, the rain stopped, the wind picked up and the course began to dry out. Mary had some brand new industry nine wheels which found their way onto Chris bike and he headed out 495 for some cyclocross. Tacchino offered the [...]

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2015 Ed Sander Memorial CX

Ed Sanders is a great race for a great cause, we recommend you head over and read about the good work NCVC is doing with this race. As you know, this race is hosted at the Lily Pons water garden, which for much of the year uses these ponds to grow flowers and things for water gardens. For last Sunday, [...]

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Schooley Mill Cross 2015

Schooley Mill race directors ordered up some great weather after putting together a killer course. The cyclocross usual, “ we’ll take sunny sky with mild temperatures, perfect fall foliage, hold the rain, thanks” then almost as an afterthought “can we get an extra helping of wind? these folks have skin suits they’re probably ready to zip up!”. Schooley Mill is [...]

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Charm City Cross‬ 2015

Speaking of phenomenal cyclocross action in the Mid-Atlantic. This year Charm City was a UCI C2 race drawing cyclocrossers from all around. Everyone knows that cyclocross barriers are under 16”…. well except when they’re not. If the “barrier” in questions is a natural feature the rules do not seem to apply. Enter the quad damaging landscaping that surrounds the tree [...]

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